Slot Player, May Your Clusters Burst!

A Review of the Clusterbuster Slot Machine

Few genres are as popular among programmers as the Luck of the Irish. Many slot machines, some excellent, some awful, and many in between, are based on the Emerald Isle. It’s difficult to come up with novel takes on slot games, but Red Tiger’s Good Luck Clusterbuster is an admirable effort. The game takes the Cluster Buster mechanism used in games like Dragons Clusterbuster and modifies it with several additional extras. In this review of the slot machine Good Luck Clusterbuster, we’re going to try our best to break the safe.

Slot Game Designers, Best of Luck with Clusterbuster

A Lucky Break The Clusterbuster slot machine transports players to the center of a lush, verdant Irish field. The reels are framed in gold, and scattered here and there are four-leafed clovers that we hope will bring you good fortune. The reels include a variety of Irish symbols, such as a leprechaun with a ginger beard, a mug of beer, a pipe, and a lucky horseshoe. Mushrooms of various hues represent the lower-paying symbols. Strangely enough, there is no tinny Irish jig on the music. Instead, it’s a dramatic score that sounds more at home in a fantasy-themed action slot.

Good Fortune: How to Play Slot Machine Blockbuster

If you’re used to playing ordinary free slot games, you’ll be surprised by how enormous Good Luck Clusterbuster is. The 9×9 grid is improved in this game. Cluster Pays is a feature of this slot machine, hence there aren’t any actual paylines. Clusters of five or more identical symbols anywhere on the grid result in a payout.

However, not all of the 9×9 grid is in play on each spin; a huge golden pot occupies the central 3×3 area. Unlocking the Good Luck Clusterbuster unlocks features that are hidden away in the main game.

The bet may be changed by clicking the screen in the lower left. Extremely low for an online slot machine, the betting range is only $0.10 to $4.

Taking a Chance on Luck Mobile Crapshooter Slot Machine

Don’t worry if the larger grid won’t fit on your phone or tablet. The game’s visuals are adjusted to perfection thanks to Red Tiger’s hard work, and it can be enjoyed on any device from a smartphone to a desktop computer. You may play this slot machine at many different mobile and desktop casinos.

Best of luck Extras for the Clusterbuster Slot Machine

The Good Luck Clusterbuster slot machine’s main draw is its Clusterbuster bonus game. The reels’ central area, measuring 3×3, is blocked off from the rest of the playing grid. The Free Spins Bonus Round is accessible after this is unlocked.

You have to ‘break’ the grid in order to gain access to the key. You may do this by forming winning combos along its periphery. In order to enter the Bonus Spins Round, you must first remove all of the outside rows from the grid. The process is aided by four Leprechaun Wilds that are kept in place. They function in tandem with the Tumble feature, which causes more symbols to drop into play anytime a winning cluster is created. This process is repeated until no more winning clusters can be found. When a tumble sequence ends, the 3×3 grid is returned to its initial state.

In the Bonus Spins feature, the core grid is hidden and you get five free spins. The Leprechaun Wilds, on the other hand, stick around for the duration of the game and just shift positions after each spin. A Lucky Wind Blow might bring the Wilds closer together, increasing the odds of a victory.

Best of luck Clusterbuster’s Return to Player, Top Prize, and Volatility

Best of luck The odds of success in Clusterbuster are high. There is a 19,995x victory cap in this game. Our testing has shown that the game enjoys a steady stream of little victories while teasing you with the prospect of unlocking the main grid. The slot’s 95.73% RTP is somewhat below the market average, making it relatively volatile.

Best of luck In a Nutshell: The Cluttered-Up Slot

Best of luck The Clusterbuster mechanism is used exceptionally well in Clusterbuster. The gameplay is entertaining, and the premise is a lot of fun. Unlocking the core grid adds suspense to every spin, and there are many instances where the bonus appears to be within reach but suddenly disappears. Overall, Good Luck Clusterbuster is a great slot that you should definitely try out at one of our top-rated online casinos.

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