The Altes Land is essential for the Elbmarsch and is found south of the Elbe in Hamburg and in Lower Saxony. It is the biggest shut natural product developing region in Europe and incorporates the networks of Jork and Lühe and the Neu Wulmstorfer area of Rübke, as well as the Hamburg locale of Neuenfelde, on the western edge of Hamburg and left of the Elbe at the Mühlenberger Loch, Cranz, quickly south of the Elbe in the super west of the area Harburg, and Francop, likewise situated in the region of Harburg.

The region is separated into miles or zones along the banks of the Elbe, the first, second and third miles. The primary mile, between the waterways Schwinge and Lühe, was first dyked from 1140 and settled.

The subsequent mile, which incorporates the region toward the east among Lühe and Este, was diked up to the furthest limit of the twelfth hundred years. For the third mile among Este and Süderelbe, it took for the rest of the fifteenth 100 years to finish the dike. This region was over and over severely impacted by storm floods and accordingly jeopardized settlement.


Sporting open doors, particularly for youngsters, are rare in the Altes Land. Yet, that is the reason there’s adjacent Hamburg with a staggering scope of recreation and social exercises. There is additionally nightlife for individuals who like to party, simply consider what is on offer in the bar and in vogue region of St. Pauli. Yet, there are likewise various amusement and gaming choices on the Web for nature-cherishing individuals. Gambling machines are allowed to play in Emblem Boss.

The chain of command is a masterpiece cut out of wood that has its starting points principally among the native people groups of North America. These figures serve, for instance, as a family emblem or recount a little story and we have all most likely seen such a chain of command in a cowpoke or Indian film and perhaps it reminds either Alte Land occupant of an old natural product tree his glade.


The notable hanseatic city of Buxtehude, presently over 1000 years of age, lies at the entryways of Hamburg. Fleth, made starting around 1285, takes the stand concerning its oceanic past. The waterway like complex is fixed on the two sides with pleasant half-wooded houses and is viewed as the most established counterfeit ghetto harbor in Northern Europe.

It actually portrays the essence of the noteworthy downtown area today. What’s more, who doesn’t have a clue about the tale of the “canine that barks its tail” and the narrative of the hedgehog that dashed the bunny? A decent quite a while back, the town of Buxtehude became widely popular through this Low German tale “Het Wettlopen tüscnen nook Hasen on sanctum Swine gel up der Buxtehuder Heid”.

The race between the rabbit and the hedgehog

On one occasion the hedgehog ended up gathering the rabbit en route to the field. This didn’t welcome him, yet just ridiculed the slanted legs of the sharp creature. Then, at that point, the hedgehog said, in light of the fact that he was irate: “My screwy legs are in every case quicker than yours all things considered.” So the rabbit recommended running a race along the field at ten o’clock the following day. The champ ought to get a container of cognac and a piece of gold

Be that as it may, the hedgehog soon lamented flaunting to the quick rabbit. At home he told his better half, who closely resembled him, what he had found himself mixed up with. Thus they settled on a ploy: The two of them would go to the field and let the hare go around alone.

The following morning the bunny met the hedgehog at the concurred spot feeling great. Everything began with “go” and the bunny quickly had a major lead. The hedgehog immediately took cover despite his good faith in the turnip greens, and when the bunny arrived at the finish of the field, Mrs. Hedgehog rose up out of the turnips and called out: “Yuck bün all hier.” (“I’m as of now there.”) Befuddled the hare intends to stroll back a similar course.

“Great” said Mrs. Igel, and she did likewise as her significant other, who this time watched as far away from him as possible toward the finish of the stretch and called out: “I’m all here!” This happened a few times, and regardless of how hard the rabbit functioned, a hedgehog was consistently there when it arrived at its objective.

The hare ran to and fro enthusiastically multiple times prior to surrendering. The hedgehog brought back home his jug of cognac, the piece of gold and his better half,

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